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Experienced Business Litigation Representation For The St. Louis Area

It can be difficult to put your energy and focus into strategic decisions when legal disputes get in the way. At the Law Office of Mark M. Silvermintz, we help business owners and managers mitigate the costs and stress associated with business litigation, helping them achieve swift resolutions to complex legal problems.

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A Breadth Of Experience To Meet Your Business Demands In Southern Illinois

For more than 34 years, attorney Mark M. Silvermintz has committed his career to complex commercial challenges like bank lending, debtor and creditor issues and property insurance claims. These are topics that often overlap with legal disputes among business partners, shareholders, contractors, vendors and other stakeholders in contracts for goods and services.

We offer experienced counsel for businesses involved in:

Contract Disputes

Even a thorough and detailed contract can end up in dispute because of misinterpretation of terms or one party’s failure to uphold the terms outlined in the contract. We have experience in defending businesses against accusations of breach of contract as well as asserting contractual obligations against another party.

Vendor Disputes

Most businesses end up using vendors and other industry contacts to facilitate operations. We can help you if you are struggling with a vendor that did not uphold its obligations to your business. We can also protect your interests as a vendor if there are claims against you.

Payment Disputes

Many business disputes come down to dollars and cents. We handle cases that involve payment and invoice discrepancies. These may be related to disputes over inadequate goods or services and other claims against a business.

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No matter what business litigation issue you have, we will make sure to pursue a resolution that works for your specific case. A swift, cost-effective and favorable resolution will serve your business best. Call us at 618-339-6555 to discuss your options with business litigation lawyer Mark M. Silvermintz.

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