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Attorney For Property Insurance Claims

Insurance companies are under legal obligation to honor the terms of policies they sell to their homeowner and commercial customers. When it comes to making property damage claims, however, many policyholders are frustrated to learn that the insurance carrier either denies coverage for the damage or significantly undervalues the claim.

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With more than 34 years of litigation experience, insurance claims lawyer Mark M. Silvermintz has earned a reputation for aggressively representing the rights of policyholders in claims litigation.

His successful record in property insurance claims litigation includes

  • Fire insurance claims: Homeowners suing the insurance company for denied coverage or undervalue of property damage or business interruption
  • Weather-related claims: Policyholders are denied fair property value per the terms of their policy coverage
  • First-party claims: Policyholders sue the insurance company for denied policy coverage

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Whether you are an individual with a homeowner’s policy or a business owner with commercial coverage you are relying on for your business, if you are facing a legal challenge related to property insurance in Southern Illinois or in the Greater St. Louis metropolitan area, call the Law Office of Mark M. Silvermintz for experienced legal counsel.

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